Our Team

Dotty Dalphon

Executive Director
Believer. Business enthusiast. Ringleader. Optimist. People lover. Creatrix: Wife, Mom, Mimi. Coffeeholic. Born a Jersey Girl.

Email | 717-334-9171 x124

Drew Harding

Human Resources Manager
Director of Human Resources. Witty, quick, sharp, anxious. Doer, green thumb, big picture, thinker. French fries, blue, driving, technology, exercise.

Email | 717-334-9171 x139

Alex Hayes

Fund Development Officer

Optimist. Community-minded. Wife and dog lover. Uncle. People enthusiast. Multi-tasker. News junkie. Coffee in the morning, beer in the evening.

Email | 570-295-1888


Nancy Lilley

Advocacy Director
Daughter of a WV hillbilly and a Hiroshima bombing survivor. Bossy (out of necessity) wife, tried-hard mom, loyal friend. Mimi to Vera and Cal. Retired Teacher. Activist, Advocate, Ally. Lifelong volunteer. Wannabe traveler. Lover of reading, cats, Netflix, and spaghetti. Warning: Selectively OCD.

Email | 717-334-9171 x115

Ian LeVee

Membership Director

Jenn Vintigni

Sports & Fitness Director
Loves to workout, passionate about Weight loss, loves Gettysburg, coffee lover

Email | 717-334-9171 x119

Mark Rivera

Aquatics Director
Swimmer. Traveler. Husband. Uncle of 5 Boys. Beach Bum. Navy Veteran. Nerd. Cook. Dog & Cat Dad.

Email | 717-334-9171 x 129

Kristen Mooney

Aquatics Coordinator
Reliable, sociable, daughter, wife, mother, creative, advocate, honest, imaginative, empathetic.

Email | 717-334-9171 x129

Mark Purdy

Coordinator of Communications and Events
Morning, simple stuff, family, friends, acquaintances mainly, music. Run, a beer, sanity. Bake a pie, read a bedtime story. 

Email | 717.334.9171 ext. 113








Megan Maslowski

Sharks Swim Team 

Head Coach

Email | 717-334-9171 x 129

Teresa Rodgers

Child Enrichment Program Administrative Director
Passionate. Child Advocate. Wife. Mother of 2. Grandmother. Kid at heart.

Email | 717-334-7150

Karina Padilla

Child Enrichment Program Director
Educator. Ambitious. Compassionate. Bilingual. Penn State Alumni. Fitness. Soccer. Ice cream.

Email | 717-334-9171 x126

Lisamarie Baer

Childcare Director at Adams Commerce Center
Wife, mom to 2 girls. Patient. Organized. Caring. Laidback. Bookworm. Naps. Cooking. Disney World.

Email | 717-334-7150

Bud Glass

Facilities Director
Husband of 30 years. Father, Grandpa. Harley rider. Hunter. Business owner for over 25 years. Dog lover.

Email | 717-334-9171 x130

Other Important Contact Information

YWCA Child Enrichment Program at Fairfield Elementary

Fitness desk – ext. 145