Picket Fence Brigade: A True Community Effort


“Our poor trees were not in very good shape,” is the way YWCA Board Member Sarah Stokely put it. Under the guidance and tutelage of professional landscaper Steve Zimmerman and blessed with a relatively mild February day, the group of volunteers known as the Picket Fence Brigade worked to prune several of the trees along the entrance driveway to the YWCA building. (When they are not pruned regularly, the trees tend to split and the leafing upper branches can bend and break when there is late winter snow.) The volunteers also picked and disposed of the bagworms on the redbuds.

What is the Picket Fence Brigade? It’s a loosely organized local group that takes on projects to help individuals and nonprofits in our community. The group maintains a charitable fund at the Adams County Community Foundation. Upon completion of a project, volunteers get to recommend a donation from the fund.  “Sort of like payment for their good work,” according to brigade member Cynthia Salisbury.
For the tree pruning project at the YWCA, 18 volunteer pruners were asked to recommend donations from the fund to the YWCA, Gettysburg Garden Club, or Gettysburg Green Gathering. As a result, the Picket Fence Brigade Fund made the following donations:
YWCA $700
Gettysburg Garden Club $600
Gettysburg Green Gathering $500
Way to go pruners! The trees benefited, and so did three of our great local nonprofits!
Truly a win-win!
If you’d like to learn about future projects or share project ideas,
Photos courtesy of the great Darryl Wheeler.