Pre-K Scholarships

The YWCA offers 6-month pre-kindergarten scholarships to children who wish to attend our Child Enrichment Program, but are hampered by insufficient family income. These scholarships are intended to bridge a gap between eligibility to receive Pennsylvania CCIS funding and full tuition payments. These scholarships are made available through the generosity of several local and regional companies who make PA EITC contributions to the YWCA.

Eligibility requirements and household income guidelines are as follow:

  • Resident of Pennsylvania
  • Preschool children ages 3 – 6 years old, but not yet in kindergarten
  • Household income may not exceed $76,350, except that an additional income allowance of
    $15,270 is permitted for the student and for each other dependent as defined by the IRS living
    within the same household
  • For currently enrolled families – accounts must be in good standing (no past due amounts or enrollment fees, current membership, and all co-pays up-to-date)
  • Recipients of childcare subsidies (i.e. Child Care Consultants [CCIS] and Department of Welfare [DPW]) are NOT eligible
  • Incomplete applications will not be reviewed

Families should fill out an application (available at the YWCA service desk or by clicking the link below). Questions may be directed to Mike Dorsette,  YWCA Director of Finance & Administration.

2019 Pre K Scholarship Application