Bouncing Back Birthday Bash!


We’re having a big party and we’ve dubbed it the “Bouncing Back Birthday Bash.”

Reserve your spot right here.

If you prefer, stop in and buy your tickets at the front desk.

Covid-19 certainly has created a significant financial strain for the YW – with the fitness center, swimming pool, and daycare facility all closed at some point. Everything’s up and running now, of course, but still at limited or diminished capacity in some cases. Likewise, our traditional fundraisers were either canceled or seriously Covid-compromised within the past year or so. While we certainly feel we’re successful weathering the Covid storm, the YWCA looks forward to a complete comeback – truly “bouncing back” – in the months to come and we’re pretty excited about it.

Meanwhile, it just so happens that 2021 marks the 40th anniversary of our iconic building at 909 Fairfield Road. In one way or another, the location has positively impacted the lives of so many local residents. We’d be celebrating that milestone regardless, but we’re particularly delighted by the opportunity to honor our history while enhancing the celebration of our emergence from the constraints of Covid.

The Bouncing Back Birthday Bash will be held on the evening of September 25th, right here at the “building of honor,” and it’s going to be a glorious event. There will be dinner, dancing, a silent auction, and much more. Naturally, we’d love to have you with us. In fact, why not gather up some friends and reserve a table of eight? This will be a BYOB function, with catering by the always-remarkable Biggerstaff’s, music by dynamic and award-winning HD Entertainment.

With variants and upticks and a few bumps in the road to full recovery, we’re not quite there yet, are we? That’s why we have rented tents and will be eating outside. And yes, we’re really excited about that, too! While our original plan was to be indoors, we’ve come to believe that the outside option might have been the best idea all along. Fresh air, chirping crickets, and a general Adams County early-autumn vibe can only add to the experience. It will be extremely comfortable and, with well over 100 people eating together, safe and smart.

We’re encouraging any generous donors, individual or corporate, to help us underwrite the cost of the ‘Bash. Opportunities abound, with further details available soon on the website. Your kindness will always be appreciated.

This fundraiser will bring our community together and help get us back on our feet. You’ll be hearing much more about the BBBB in weeks to come, on these pages and all around. It’s going to be special. We hope you’ll be there to share it with us.