Stationary Machines

A guide to our stationary machines by number:  

1 – Freedom trainer: two adjustable arms with pulley cables that move up and down and left and right.

2 – Hip abduction and adduction: this machine isolates the inner and outer thighs.

3 – Leg press: targets the hamstrings, quads and gluteus maximus.

4 – Leg curl: a Paramount machine that targets the hamstrings and calves.

5 – Leg extension: effectively targets the quadriceps.

6 – Leg extension: a Paramount machine that targets the quadriceps.

7 – Bent over calf raises: isolates the calves.

8 – Shoulder/military press: this Pacific machine targets the shoulder region.

9 – Lat pulldown: besides targeting the main muscle, the latissimus dorsi, the grips rotate to target the biceps and triceps at the user’s discretion.

10 – Compound row: this machine mainly targets the rhomboids, and, like the lat pulldown, the grips rotate to target the biceps and triceps.

11 – Overhead press: along with targeting the shoulder region this effective machine also targets the upper chest area.

12 – Pec fly/rear delt: a 2 for 1 deal here.  This machine targets both the chest and the back.  Great for posture!

13 and 14 – Pullover:  one of the best Nautilus machines in the building.  This machine targets almost every muscle in the back and also will hit the abs and triceps.

15 – Pec fly: this machine will get that all important serratus muscle that is hard to target!

16 – Rotary torso: a difficult exercise to feel but will help tone up those love handles!

17 – Low back ext: one of the most comfortable machines targeting the lower back,  improving posture.

18 – Abdominal crunch: the absolute best abdominal machine, very effective and isolates the abs very efficiently.

19 – Ab chair: not only can you work on your abs on this machine,  you can do dips and 3 different kinds of pull-ups.

20 – Back extension:  isolate your lower back.

21 – Roman sit-up: target your abs with these traditional declined sit-ups.

22 – Bicep curls: this machine isolates your biceps.

23 – V-triceps extensions: this is a seated triceps machine that targets your triceps very well.

24 – Chest press: targets the pectoralis major muscles, this simulates the bench press

25 – Nautilus pulley towers: an adjustable machine to do a number of different exercises.


C/1 – Lat pull down:  wide grip or narrow targets the latissimus dorsi muscle and rhomboids.

C/2 – Assisted pull: ups: wide, over and narrow grips allow you a wide range of choices to target different muscle groups.  The assisted weight allows you to subtract your body weight to add in those important last few repetitions.

C/3 – Low pull:  mainly targets the rhomboids but you may change the grips to target different parts of your back and arms.

C/4 and C/8 – A pulley system: allows you to use the top and the bottom to do cable crossovers, triceps pushdowns, bicep curls, etc.

C/5 – Triceps pullover:  isolates the triceps.

C/6 – Preacher curls: targets the biceps over a pad for better isolation.

C/7 – Triceps pushdown: isolates your triceps by pushing down past your hips.