Stories, science, and our resident author

Danielle Shearer likes science, and she loves her kids. She also enjoys her job, working within the YWCA’s Child Enrichment program. And in her spare time, she’s spun those interests and skills into becoming an author.

Danielle’s most recent literary work was a gift not only to her kids but especially for her husband. I Love My Daddysaurus was a Father’s Day gift. It was written and constructed using Kindle Direct Publishing, which Danielle says makes writing a book “easy for anyone to do.”

Easy, that is, except for developing the concept, layout, and artwork – and the uniqueness of the story. Danielle knows exactly what to do. For the illustrations, she credits Microsoft’s simple Paint 3D program, which promises to “unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life.” Still, an author still needs an idea – some creativity and, as is often the case with children’s books, a bit of artistic ability, even with the aid of a Paint program.

The daughter of a science teacher, Danielle thought she might enter the teaching profession herself someday, especially after studying Earth Science in college. While that’s not precisely the way it’s unfolded for her so far, she still has that strong scientific interest and enjoys sharing it, whether it’s via dinosaurs or something else.

She’s delighted to be working with kids through the YW’s program. Her own two children, Marianna (2) and Rory (4), are enrolled at CEP’s Adams Commerce Center facility, where their mom works with kids from kindergarten to six years of age and also “floats” to wherever and however else she might be needed.

Making the Shearer family dynamic even a little easier is husband (and dad) John’s job, which just so happens to be located within the Commerce Center park. Carpooling comes naturally.

Sometimes an author likes to use one more special tool: a pen name. You won’t find any books on Kindle or Amazon written by Danielle Shearer, but you will find the works of Hallie Hawkshaw, her literary alias.

Within I Love My Daddysaurus are tales of the kind and educational things that any good Daddysaurus would do for his children. Folded into the narrative, too, are interesting scientific facts and, in the electronic edition, hyperlinks leading to museum sites and additional dinosaur information. It all flows quite nicely.

Danielle is quick to let anyone know that she was able to produce Daddysaurus, as well as some other works, for virtually nothing. The reader, too, can download the electronic Kindle version for nothing – using an introductory offer. A printed copy sells for $8 on Amazon.

“I’m certainly not doing this for the money, says Danielle. “It’s just something I like to do for the kids and, in this case, their dad. And it gives me the chance to use some of my science interest and to share that, along with telling the story.”

So far, Danielle has only shared her stories with the family and anyone else who might become interested. The next step might be sharing her stories with students.

“Danielle is a hard worker with a passion for science that she enthusiastically shares with the kids in her care,” says CEP Adams Commerce Center Director Michelle Stojka.  “She is great at igniting their scientific interests.  The kids are often excited to share what they have learned from the projects and experiments that they complete in summer camp.”

The YWCA’s Child Enrichment Program always hopes to be full of happy children who are learning along the way. We are fortunate to share Danielle’s talent and enthusiasm with the community.




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