Women Behind These Walls

Much of Civil War-era history is recorded through the eyes of men: soldiers, laborers, government officials, and others. Women Behind These Walls is free, self-guided walking tour of downtown Gettysburg designed to share the stories and perspectives of civilian women who lived during the Battle of Gettysburg and its aftermath. The posters along the tour locations that were significant to each woman’s life before, during, or after the battle. The tour  is a collaborative effort between the YWCA Gettysburg & Adams County and the Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides, Savor Gettysburg Food Tours, Adams County Arts Council, DKG International Society For Key Women Educators, Seminary Ridge Museum, Licensed Town Guides of Gettysburg, Adams County Historical Society, bak spin productions, Adams County Library, Gettysburg Heritage Center, and For The Cause Productions.

A special thank-you to all the businesses, organizations, and homeowners who agreed to be a part of this project.

Click here for a printable tour brochure (updated July 2020). You can also find brochures at the YWCA, the Destination Gettysburg office, the Gettysburg Heritage Center, and A&A Village Treasures.

#22 Henrietta “Hettie” Shriver’s story is displayed at 305 Baltimore St., the Shriver House. 

As her story begins…

I was all along with two young daughters, Sadie and Molly. My husband, George, was serving in the Union cavalry and was not home at the time…

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