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Board of Directors

Why an all-female board? Despite many gains made over the last several decades, women remain underrepresented on executive boards at all levels. Among 71 percent of Fortune 1000 companies, women occupy less than 20 percent of board seats (the rest have female board representation of 20 percent or greater). At small nonprofit organizations (budgets less than $25 million), women make up 45 percent of CEOs and 43 percent of board seats. At large nonprofits (budgets $25 million and up), women make up 21 percent of CEOs and 33 percent of board seats.*

The YWCA offers an opportunity for women to develop leadership skills and have a real voice in the organization’s management at the executive and board level through maintaining an all-female board and a female executive director. This empowerment carries over into other areas of life. Many former board members have expressed that their experience on the YWCA board has provided them with experience and skills to enable them to pursue other leadership positions and contribute to other organizations in the community. The guidelines for all-female boards and executive directors are set forth by the YWCA USA.

Lyne Aurand

Lyne Aurand


Jessica Ritter copy 2

Kathleen Sibley


Smith Nair copy 2

Smitha Nair

Co-Vice President

Elizabeth Strauss

Elizabeth C. Strauss

Co-Vice President

Linda Raymond

Linda Raymond


Judy Morley mug shot copy

Tina Berry

Lindsey Wilner

Ana Sanchez-Gerhart

Chrisanne Bowden

Chrisanne Bowden

Cara Smith

Cara Smith

Maria Erling heart

Maria Erling

Rukhsana Rahman copy

Rukhsana Rahman

Sarah Brechbuehl

Sarah Brechbuehl

Julie Baugher Haller

Julie Haller

Kara Boehne-Miele

Kara Boehne-Miele

Kara Boehne-Miele

Beth Kanagy

Judy Morley mug shot copy

Judy Morley

Denise Membreno Royer

Angela Borger

Our Team

Nancy Lilley

Acting Chief Executive Officer


Bud Glass

Building & Grounds Director


Kara Ferraro

Chief Grants & Impact Officer


Beth Raub

Aquatic & Wellness Director


Ian LeVee

Chief Operating Officer


Lydia Van Evera

Child Enrichment Program Director at 909 Fairfield Rd


George Marguglio

Chief Financial Officer


Michelle Stojka

Child Enrichment Program Director at Adams Commerce Center


Felicia Trujillo

Human Resources Manager

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