The YWCA offers different payment options for those in need of financial assistance.

Financial Assistance for YWCA Child Care

If you need child care but are struggling financially, the YWCA Gettysburg & Adams County has options. Eligible families may qualify for financial assistance on child care tuition at the YWCA.

Qualifying families enrolled in YWCA child care programs are eligible for assistance through the CCW (Child Care Works) program and the Adams County Assistance Office.  Both programs offer financial assistance for child care tuition through the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare.

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Parent Handbook and Medication Policy

A parent and child holding hands.

Our Parent Handbook provides information regarding our policies, procedures, annual closings, and other important materials regarding our programs. Though it is included in the Handbook, we've also included a link to our Medication Policy for separate, easy access. 

Download Our Handbook

Download Our Medication Policy

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