Miss Motter (now Mrs. Brenneman, my High School Geometry Teacher at Fairfield)

She was a teacher that a lot of students didn’t like. However, she was someone who would ask questions to help guide you in solving a problem on your own. She often challenged me a bit more since I had a passion for mathematics.

She was always open and honest. She was one of the first people that I came out to (she was a college professor at this point in her career). With open arms, I got the biggest hug, a huge smile, and words of acceptance that I didn’t receive from my family. I cried tears of joy and relief, feeling as if a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.

She allowed me to speak my mind and almost always offered some kind of advice, encouragement, or suggestion. She also made time to sit down with me and chat, not only about my day-to-day life but also about my goals in life.

To this day, she continues to challenge me to write my own life story, embrace my passions, ask questions, establish a legacy, and aim high with my goals.

Camery Brown is a member of the YWCA Board of Directors.

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