The YWCA of Gettysburg and Adams County has announced plans to consolidate its childcare program into a single location at 50 Expedition Trail in the Adams Commerce Center. The YWCA will no longer offer childcare services at its 909 Fairfield Road location as of November 27, 2023.

“As a necessary move to sustain the entire YWCA nonprofit organization, we are making a significant change over the next few months as we re-envision our Child Enrichment Program and facilities,” said Board of Directors President Lyne Aurand. “This consolidation will further establish a unified, fiscally sound and innovative childcare program.”

“The Board of Directors understands that this change will impact many in the community,” she continued, “but we believe the outcome will be both educationally and financially beneficial. This consolidation is necessary in order to provide the highest level of childcare in a financially sustainable way in a building that was specifically designed for this purpose and staffed with the familiar faces children and families know. The Adams County Commerce Center was chosen as the centralized location for its accessibility, safety, and ample space to provide the high-quality care and educational activities that you have come to expect from us.”

Families with children in the program, as well as those YWCA employees affected by the consolidation, were informed of the plan on Monday, according to YWCA Chief Executive Officer Melissa Leathery.

“We have communicated this change, and the reasons behind it, to families, parents, and our staff as well,” said Leathery. “It wasn’t a simple or easy communication, and these are not easy times for childcare, here or anywhere else,” she noted. “We care about all of the staff and families and have relationships with them, so we have tried our very best to make our reasoning as clear and understandable as possible.”

“The YWCA is strongly committed to the well-being and development of the community’s children,” said Aurand. “We are excited about the opportunities this consolidation brings and believe it will only strengthen our ability to provide a safe, nurturing, sustainable, educational environment for our children.”


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