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November Advocacy



Check Out – And So I Stayed, a documentary focusing on the lived experiences of three survivors who were incarcerated for killing their partners. Dadou Brown, who was released from prison in 2008 and has since become an advocate for other survivors, is one of them; so is Tanisha Davis, a woman serving a sentence for manslaughter in New York state after stabbing her abusive partner during an attack.

Or read – No Visible Bruises – In No Visible Bruises, Snyder vividly and humanely excavates the lives of women and children murdered by perpetrators of domestic violence while astutely connecting the dots between the relationship of intimate partner domestic violence to public violence and mass shootings. She looks at batterer prevention programs, domestic violence prevention task forces, the social and other pressures that force women to stay, and the religious and historical acceptance of violence against women.



Children’s Diversity Read Aloud Program – The YWCA Advocacy Committee has a Children’s Read Aloud program at our two Childcare Centers. Support this program either by purchasing a book from our Wish List and/or by reading aloud.

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