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YWCA Members, Old and New –


by Stephanie Asper

Showing up to celebrate personal health and wellness journeys together as a community is part of what makes the YWCA Gettysburg such a special place – and it’s clear that many of you agree!
If you’re not one of the hundreds of members the group exercise instructors saw last week, remember that we (and your fellow members!) are here to help you have fun, build friendships, and be brave by trying something new – all while working toward your wellness goals.
During my time instructing, I’ve heard all kinds of reasons why members were hesitant to take their first class – from being worried others would judge them for not knowing what to, to not knowing anyone in the room to having no prior experience with the format of the class. I hear you – it can be intimidating. And we’ve all been there at some point in our lives (yes, even your instructors!). I encourage you not to let that hesitancy hold you back from reaching your fitness goals in fresh ways.
If you’ve seen my Flow Yoga class on the land fitness schedule but haven’t yet been able to make it into the room to participate, know that there is always a space for you. Yes, YOU! Members in the room and I work with one another to create a welcoming community feel where challenging postures are met with good humor, bellies are filled with breath and peace, questions are okay, and where everybody (eventually) knows your name.
Still not sure what to expect? Let me quell the fears. In general, I only ask new members for five simple things in my classes:
· Show up at least 5 minutes before class starts so you can get set up
· Be respectful of our community
· Listen to your body and your limits throughout the class
· Come ready to challenge yourself (and to get up and down off the mat a lot), and
· Take that first step in the door
See, no previous knowledge of anatomy or Sanskrit required!
I sincerely hope to see even more of you in class in the coming months. Thank you all for being a part of the YWCA Gettysburg & Adams County – and for being a constant source of joy for me in my practice and life. And be sure to check our website for all our Fitness options – and lots of other great things happening at the YWCA.
I hope to welcome you in!

Stephanie Asper is a longtime member and yoga instructor at the YWCA of Gettysburg & Adams County.


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