Welcome back to the back rooms

by Jill Hoko



Yes, our back rooms are now fully open! We have appreciated your patience as we worked to repair and renovate. Here’s an up-to-date listing of our designated areas, specially designed to accommodate the diverse needs of our growing membership!

Primary Wellness floor: Proudly, over 3⁄4 of our primary Wellness floor is dedicated to strength training and heavy lifting. This is uncharacteristically larger than other small-town YWCAs, and YMCAs offer – more akin to what you might find in a traditional “gym.” We are proud you can enjoy our extensive strength and weight training equipment! 

Additionally, we recently added a brand-new line of Star Trac® cardio equipment! These state-of-the-art cardio pieces support both Apple and Android devices. Members can now record and track their workouts! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our Wellness Team members to show you how! 

Finally, along with our dedicated TRX® suspension training area, we have a dedicated space on the primary Wellness floor for higher-intensity aerobic and anaerobic exercise – including plyometrics, jumping ropes, etc. 

Yoga Room: This area is dedicated to all-important stretching, traditional floor and core exercises, and meditation. All equipment necessary to perform these modalities are in this room encompassed in a calm and pleasing environment. 

Spin Room: We have successfully expanded our Spin Room to accommodate the recommended space for a safe cycling class – and it now allows us to adequately perform maintenance on all bikes. Welcome back, cyclists! 

Circuit/Small Weights Room: The most frequent request over the past *six* years has been to provide a comfortable space for our post-50 exercise enthusiasts who enjoy circuit and small weights. In addition, this room now provides a much-needed space for our very loyal and ever-growing Personal Training clientele. 

Did you know our very own Howard Dorsey was nominated as Best Physical Fitness Trainer by Gettysburg Pick of the Times?? We are so proud to have Howard on our Wellness Team! 

Massage Room: 

A future goal is to offer a Holistic Program here at the Gettysburg YWCA – thus, fully connecting healthy living lifestyle via physician to trainer to personal exercise and care. We are working toward a successful partnership with an on-site Massage Therapist. Stay tuned! 

We ask all members to kindly respect these spaces and the purposes for which they were designed! 


Jill Hoko is Health and Wellness Director at YWCA of Gettysburg & Adams County.


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