Callie Awards

Congratulations to Natalie Kloster, our Callie Award Winner


In this most unusual year, it was decided to present only the Outstanding Young Woman Callie Award.

This year’s award process necessitated a self-application, in addition to two recommendations from a counselor, teacher, employer, or principal.

We were extremely proud to present this year’s Callie to Gettysburg High School graduating senior Natalie Kloster, who will continue her education at Georgetown University.

Natalie received a $1500 award from YWCA Executive Director Dotty Dalphon and Mission Enhancement Coordinator Nancy Lilley.

Applicants were required to:

• Demonstrate excellence, creativity, and initiative in her field.
• Demonstrate a significant level of commitment and leadership to professional or community service.
• Demonstrate a commitment to serving Adams County and improving the quality of life for others.

You can read Natalie’s splendid narrative statement right here.